About Me

Caylie Chrismer doesn't settle. She strives toward excellence. The 28-year-old aspires to create a lasting positive change in the world. She won't quit until her budding empire and brand extend beyond herself.

While this may sound ambitious, it's actually quite simple. She wants to create meaningful, lasting relationships. And she desires to help as many people as she can along the way.

This quest has led her to a career as a Realtor.

Caylie Chrismer earned her real estate license in the state of California. She derives pleasure from pairing clients with their potential dream homes. For her, it's harmonious, joyous, and incredibly fulfilling. She has achieved all of this while also going back to school. She is currently finishing a bachelor's degree in Business Administration, focusing on finance and real estate.

Caylie Chrismer has always had a passion for people. But these programs have empowered her with new tools to maximize and sharpen her intrinsic, natural ability to connect. She elevates the buying and selling experience at every level using a data-driven, transparent approach to sales. She mixes this with her already-strong interpersonal approach and communication. It's a winning combination for both her and her clients.

While this newfound knowledge will serve her in future pursuits, these aren't new skills for the southern California native. From an early age, she realized this came naturally to her. She's consistently demonstrated high emotional intelligence and an uncanny ability to interact with individuals. But, at the end of the day, she just loves being helpful.

Building her personal brand hasn't been easy. She's juggled countless roles and responsibilities. And she's excelled at every step thus far. In addition to returning to school and working as a Realtor, she's served as the BioSecurity Coordinator at Curative. The San Dimas-based laboratory provides transformative health care and pandemic relief. In her role, Caylie Chrismer managed the company's employees and processes, ensuring that both adhered to the highest standards. Not only does she document all quality control-related activities, but she also sets up and communicates these policies and procedures throughout the laboratory and field operations. While this may seem complicated, she handles these pressures admirably and regularly exceeds expectations. In fact, she has maintained a 100% success rate in all customer service interactions. Again, her strengths as a communicator and leader are evident.

These skills were on display even further back. One of her first jobs was with Real Goods Solar. She started as a sales rep but was quickly promoted to team leader. In this role, she demonstrated a knack for interacting in a one-on-one environment and establishing rapport with each customer. She realized that assisting clients was the most rewarding.

Yet this isn't self-satisfying. Her goals are primarily altruistic. She's been able to use these powers for good. One way she's formed meaningful connections outside the workplace is through charity. Over the years, she's logged countless hours volunteering in retirement homes and animal shelters. Her love of animals is front and center, having grown up with horses. For her, there's no task that's too small. She'll pitch in any way she can if it makes a difference. Another way she contributes is through Reiki healing. She performs healing sessions at local hospitals. These holistic practices are extremely beneficial for patients who have recently experienced traumatic surgery.

Understanding the importance of a healthy work-life balance, Caylie Chrismer also creates time to connect with herself. Spirituality is especially important in her life. She is a routine yoga practitioner who devotes time to restorative, mindful meditation.

And she remains physically active too. As a child, she grew up ice skating and even trained with Olympic athletes. Her passion for fitness and dogged work ethic has been ingrained in her ever since. In addition to yoga, she enjoys lifting weights and hiking. Always embracing communities, she frequently goes on retreats with friends in the fitness community. However, these experiences aren't just about bonding with other fitness enthusiasts. Working out is an opportunity to push her limits and get in touch with her own inner and outer strength.

Whether it's working at the office or working out, it's hard for Caylie Chrismer to take a break. Her brand and ambitions are relentless. But she does carve out some more carefree ""me time"" when she can. Travel is at the top of the list. Her love for continuing education as a lifelong learner calls her to new cultures. She loves to explore new countries and continents. This sustains her. Yet she does crave something more filling. Literally. As a self-described foodie, she's constantly traveling to new destinations to sample different cuisines worldwide. Unsurprisingly, it's still her interactions with other travelers and locals that truly nourishes her.

This may seem like a lot for one person. But Caylie Chrismer is in no rush to clock out. As her non-stop grind to improve the lives of others continues, she's unstoppable. Building lasting connections with friends, clients, and co-workers isn't work at all. It's just another day on her mission, doing what she loves.


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